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Warrington Advanced Motorists
Registered Charity No. 1048554
Affiliated to IAM RoadSmart, formerly the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).
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Observed Runs

The Warrington Group has a number of qualified motorcycle observers.  These are bikers who have passed their Advanced Motorcycle Test and undergone further training (and do so yearly) with a Chief/National Observer or the holder of a Class 1 police licence to achieve Qualified Observer status, so that they can give you guidance as to how to ride more safely on the road and reach the standard required for the Test.

You will be able to get to know your observer and arrange mutually-convenient times and venues to meet.  The course is usually six sessions of 2 hours each; on the fifth ride a Senior/National Observer will take you on a check ride to ensure that you are ready for the Test.  If you do need additional runs before test, it's not a problem.

At Warrington Group we do ask for a donation towards petrol costs (pursuit riding), as this goes towards paying the Observer's petrol costs on the six rides you will have with us.  You can see details of the cost and what you get for your money via the "Assistance?" link above.

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