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Warrington Advanced Motorists
Registered Charity No. 1048554
Affiliated to IAM RoadSmart, formerly the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).
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About us

Warrington Advanced Motorists was founded in 1979 and is a Registered Charity whose purpose is to promote road safety and to assist members of the public improve their driving, including preparing for the Advanced Driving Test.

Most of the people who join us as associates do so now via the IAM RoadSmart's "Advanced Driver Course" package, which costs £149.  For full details, click on this link to go to the IAM RoadSmart courses page.

Click the link in the Car Menu above for details of Observed Runs.

Not quite sure about committing that amount of money? - You can have a FREE assessment drive with one of our Observers who will give you a summary of the areas in which the standard of your driving can be improved.

2009 IAM Group Achievement Award
Our Group was presented with the Group Achievement Award (Runner-Up) at the IAM National Car Conference.  Andrew Bent accepted it on behalf of the Group from Mr John Cushion & Mrs Dianne Cushion from Saffron Insurance, sponsor of the awards.  The Group was nominated by our Regional Coordinator along with about a dozen other Groups throughout the whole of the UK (where there are well over 200 IAM Groups in total).  All those nominated Groups were then analysed and scored against all sorts of criteria as to how they operate and match up to what IAM RoadSmart considers as "best practice" for the Groups.

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