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Warrington Advanced Motorists
Registered Charity No. 1048554
Affiliated to IAM RoadSmart, formerly the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).
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Where EXACTLY do we meet?

We meet every Sunday (except the Sunday before Christmas Day, Boxing Day, or before the New Year's Day) in:

Room 11,
Fairfield & Howley Neighbourhood Project
Fairfield Street
Warrington  WA1 3AJ

(off the Manchester Road, opposite St Elphins Park) at 10:15am.  Note there is an entrance into the Car Park at the back of the building by going past the building front door and turning right off Fairfield Street into Harrison Close and it is the first entrance on the right - opposite Claude Street).  If looking at old maps, the building might be marked as Fairfield CE Primary School.

Pictorial Route to Room 11 at the Fairfield Street Site.

Here is the Car Park Entrance in Algernon Street/Harrison Close
20170108-D81_6292 (258K)

Park to the right of the Gate and head towards the cream coloured wall in the distance.
20170108-D81_6291 (200K)

As you get nearer, the entrance into the building comes into view.
20170108-D81_6283 (154K)

Go through the small meeting room/lobby and down the Corridor to Room 11 at the bottom on the left.
20170108-D81_6290 (171K)

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